How the Qur’an Fails Its Own Test

The Qur’an sets the following standard for those who would like to investigate its veracity: “Do they not reflect upon the Qur’an? If it had been from any other than Allah, they would have found within it much contradiction. (Qur’an 4.82) This cannot be clearer, if the Quran is full of contradictions, it is not from God. Let’s see how the Qur’an performs when subjected to its own test.

  1. Allah created man from: Blood (96:1-2), Water (25:54), Clay (15:26), Dust (30:20), Nothing (3:47)
  2. They lost their own souls, who will not believe (6:12) (Allah) causes to stray whom He wills (16:93)
  3. Will intercession be possible at the Day of Judgment? No (2:122-123, 254) Yes (20:109)
  4. Does Allah command to do evil? No (7:328) Yes (17:16)
  5. Can slander of chaste women be forgiven? Yes (24:4-5) No (24:23)
  6. What will unbelievers eat in hell? No food except Dhari (a poisonous plant) (88:6) No food except from the discharge of wounds (69:36)
  7. Earth created then heaven (2:29), Heaven created then earth (79:27-30)
  8. If unbelievers turn reject the message leave them be, your duty is to ‘convey the message’ (3:20). If unbelievers reject the message fight them until all religion is ‘for Allah’ (8:38-39)
  9. Creation was an act of ‘bringing together’ (41:11), Creation was an act of ‘splitting apart’ (21:30)
  10. The first Muslim was: Muhammad (6:14, 6:163, 39:12), Moses (7:143), Some Egyptians (26:51)

‘Much contradiction’ anyone? The fact is that the persistent and informed questioning of Islam’s truth-claims is the one thing that can stop it in its tracks. Prepare yourself to be one of those asking the questions by reading my book ‘Questioning Islam – Tough Questions and Honest Answers About the Muslim Religion

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