‘He Was Just a Regular Guy…’

Think for a moment of every single ‘good boy/girl turned jihadist’ story you’ve ever read or seen on television. I can almost guarantee you that something like the following lines will have been part of the narrative: •“He was just a regular guy but then he converted to Islam” •“He used to hang out with the guys but then he started going to the mosque regularly” •“She wasn’t very devout but then she started wearing a headscarf and broke of all relations with her friends”

All of this leaves us with a simple question. If Islam is indeed a ‘religion of peace’ how is it that converting to it, or becoming more devout, often lead to a burning hatred for unbelievers? Shouldn’t becoming more devout in following a religion of peace, instead, cause you to become more peaceful?

 Is Islam really a ‘Religion of Peace’? Get to the bottom of this vital question by reading ‘Nothing to do with Islam? – Investigating the West’s Most Dangerous by Blind Spot by Peter Townsend