The ‘Call to Prayer’ as a Symbol of Islamic Supremacy

Muslim communities around the world are campaigning for the Islamic call to prayer to be broadcast where they live.

Few people realise that the call (adhan) marks a place as part of the ‘house of Islam’. A place, therefore, where Islam is seen to be dominant to the exclusion of all other competing faiths.

According to Ibn Ishaq, Muhammad himself used the adhan to determine which communities to attack and which to leave alone: “When the apostle [Muhammad] raided a people he waited until the morning. If he heard a call to prayer he held back; if he did not hear it he attacked. We came to Khaybar by night, and the apostle passed the night there; and when morning came, he did not hear the call to prayer, so he rode (to attack it) and we rode with him.”

The adhan is a symbol of separation and supremacy. Yet it is welcomed for the sake of ‘diversity’.

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