‘The House Built on Sand’ – The Power of Story

Challenging Islam? – We Need Stories!

Works of fiction can sometimes reach where fact-based titles cannot. This is especially true when it comes to questioning Islam, something that is all too easily dismissed as ‘#Islamophobic’.

This was the reason behind the writing of my fourth book ‘The House Built on Sand’. Readers will encounter many of the same questions raised in my other three titles (‘Questioning Islam’, ‘Nothing to do with Islam’? and ‘The Mecca Mystery’) but it will come to them in the form of a novel set in modern Egypt.

I do believe it is a great story (I would say that I guess!) but it is so much more than that. It can act as an introduction to some of the biggest issues surrounding Islam that we need to face as a society, but packaged in a way that can reach someone who may never pick up a text overtly critical of Islam.

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