‘The House Built on Sand’ – Townsend

What does it take to radically alter the course of someone’s life? In the case of Emad Almasry, an archaeologist with the Egyptian Ministry for Antiquities, it took a clay jar.

Its discovery, under Egypt’s oldest mosque, set in motion a series of events that threatened the very existence of Egypt’s Coptic community. Emad very quickly learns that the only way he could keep the hammer blow from falling was to dig deep into the origins of Islam.

Will he be able to force the past to yield its secrets? Would he have the courage to follow the evidence wherever it leads? What happens when firm foundations turn out to be built on sand? Join Emad and his friends as they chase after truths that would not only alter the course of their own lives but that would ripple out from Egypt to affect all who turn to the ‘mother of all cities’ to pray.

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