The Red-Green Alliance

The Islamist-Leftist Alliance

One aspect of the recent rise to prominence of #Antifa that is often missed, is the deep involvement of #Islamists on the fringes of the movement.

On the surface cooperation between hard-line Muslims and uber-Leftists seems absurd since they are ‘supposed’ to be on different side of the ideological divide. Just compare orthodox Muslim positions with that of the Left on issues like gay rights, women’s right and freedom of speech for example.

The fact is that both these groups hate Western civilization so much that they will do anything to subvert it. Event to the point of selling out their most cherished values. Does that make them hypocrites? Certainly. But it also clarifies where the lines have been drawn in the culture wars engulfing our society.

For much more on the Green-Read Alliance, see my book ‘Nothing to do with Islam? – Investigating the West’s Most Dangerous Blind Spot’