Toronto: Why Should the Mentally Ill Carry the Can for Islam’s Violence?

22 July 2018, Toronto: He showed clear signs of being a trained gunman. Meticulously picking out targets to mow down in one of Toronto’s most iconic neighbourhoods. Any government concerned with the safety and welfare of its people will immediately spring into action to ensure that horrific events like this is never repeated. Right? In modern Canada under Justin Trudeau not so much it seems.

Firstly it took more than a day to release the name of the attacker. Townsend’s law (which I just made up) states that there is a direct correlation between the length of time it takes to identify a perpetrator of a mass event and the likelihood that he/she will be a Muslim. How can it be otherwise? Politically Correct establishments needs time to get damage control measures in place.

So it proved. When the name, Faisal Hussein, was published the media machine immediately sprung into action. A slick press release was aired on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), purportedly coming from his parents. You guess what’s coming next. Faisal was mentally ill. Nothing to see here. Move right along.

Not so fast. Surely it is not uncharitable to wonder about the fact that the statement was available at exactly the same time that the name was released to the media. The CBC must therefore have had some influence over the process of releasing the name so that they could have a reassurance that it had ‘Nothing to do with Islam’ ready to go. We may also be entitled to ask why the statement supposedly coming from Faisal’s parents was actually crafted by Muhammad Hashim of the Muslim Brotherhood linked National Council of Canadian Muslims. Do bodies like these routinely get information directly impacting on public safety before the general populace in Modern Canada? And then we have not even looked at the fact that Hussein was clearly trained in the execution of a mass attack and reportedly present on several terror watch lists.

All of these things can seemingly be waved away. He was just ‘ill’ you see. Apparently he’s not alone. In the past few years the ‘mental illness’ trope has been used to explain away more than 20 Islamic terror attacks in the West. There are few things that should make our blood boil like this egregious insult to our intelligence.

For the moment just two things in response:
1) The lives of people with mental illnesses are hard enough without having to live with the slur that they are prone to go on mass killing sprees at the drop of a hat. Trying to shift the blame from Islam to those in our communities living with mental health challenges is despicable. In a world with its priorities straight, charities and NGO’s serving people with mental illness would raise hell about those pinning yet more stigma on their clients in order to cover for Islam. Hopefully we will see more of this happening.

2) This brings me to the second point. Even if we believe the ‘he’s mentally ill’ line, which I do not in this case, we still have to account for the fact that the overwhelming majority of the supposedly ‘mentally ill’ people who do this kind of thing share a common denominator: Adherence to Islam and the desire to be obedient to Qur’anic teaching on the treatment of unbelievers. So perhaps it is time that we label this ‘illness’ for what it is: ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’. A ‘disease’ that cannot be divorced in any way from the fact that Islam teaches warfare against non-Muslims.

Those who died and were injured, and their loved ones, deserve better than this shameful attempt to obfuscate and explain away the real cause of their suffering. Stand with me, therefore, in forcefully challenging the ‘mentally ill’ canard whenever you come across it!

For more on how Islamic teaching lies behind attacks like the one perpetrated by Hussein see my book ‘Nothing to do with Islam – Investigating the West’s Most Dangerous Blind Spot’

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