Give the Gift of Understanding this Christmas!

When celebrating peace, love and friendship this Christmas we should not kid ourselves that these values are not under threat. Why not help your friends and family see this (as well as ways to respond) by adding some good books to their bookshelves?

If you order today you can still receive printed copies of my books before Christmas. Also, if you’re buying someone a Kindle or tablet why not add some books that will help them understand our world a bit better?

My books cover the following topics:

Questioning Islam – An investigation of the truth-claims of the Muslim religion. Particularly useful for someone in your life who may be considering conversion to Islam.

Nothing to do with Islam – A full length discussion of whether Islam is indeed a ‘Religion of Peace’?

The Mecca Mystery – For the historically minded. With this book I probe into the early history of Islam, showing how the standard story of Islamic origins is deeply suspect.

You can purchase them by clicking on the links above or by going through my Amazon Author Page.

My peace and joy indeed be yours as you prepare to celebrate with your loved ones.

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